Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Experimenting with an Oracular ritual,

I had a friend submit a question:

Dear Oracle,
I currently live with two other people, and some one new is about to join us. I am wondering about the nature of my new housemate. She will arrive here next week. She will live with me, share my dishes, my couches, my tables and chairs. We have such different histories. She has lived in Toronto. Her father raises pigeons. She is Polish. She is secretly married. What does our future hold? How should I prepare myself?

My answer is a week in the making. First, in small paintings, I brain storm possible answers to the question (a series of what ifs). Then I create paintings exploring the nature of the problem focusing on finding the essence of what is truly being asked. Finally, I paint an answer.

 Here are a few of the paintings I made:

What if you are all pigeons?

What if she is an evil ghost?
What if she makes sculptures with your dishes?

What if she turns you all into crickets and farms you to make cricket flour?

 She might be a bird of an entirely different kind of feather.

 Maybe you will fight.

Maybe you will be great friends.

Swans are territorial. You are experiencing a natural need to protect your home.

An answer of sorts. 

I'd still like to make a large painting to summarize my answer and give more layers or meaning, but I haven't quite yet figured out what that should look like. For now I'm playing around in my sketchbook, trying to figure it out.