Wednesday, December 7, 2011

portfolio thoughts

I've been working for MONTHS on this artist statement and progress is being made! As soon as I get all this gradschool stuff out of the way I will make a post about the awesomeness of Art Basel. In the mean time, here are some images I am considering for my portfolio because it is great to get feedback (hint hint hint). There are currently 22 images and schools ask for 15 or 20, so I need to take out 2, and then have 5 others that I can take out for the schools that want fewer.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On January 6 2010 my post read: "I've pretty much finished my artist statement! It still needs a touch of polishing, but I'm excited about it. Writing it was a painful process, but I've learned a whole lot! Thank goodness for applications to really make me sit down and think and articulate and reflect." Oh how I wish I was there now. This is my second time applying to grad school, and writing an artist statement hasn't gotten any easier. It's going to happen though, and it's going to be great.