Monday, November 7, 2011

deCordova Collaboration

This past weekend I participated in a performance workshop at the deCordova Museum. The performance team robinschilds enlisted a group of young artists to create performance pieces that would activated particular locations within the museum. We were charged with each writing a directive, or list of instructions suggesting new ways to move through and interact with the space of our choosing. Mine was made to parallel Orpheus's journey to the underworld, and explored an individual's relationship to the things they lose. The audio files for these directives are available at the museum's website and can be downloaded for the duration of the Temporary Spaces exhibit. Guests are encouraged to listen to and/ or perform them in the museum. Here is a link: The one I wrote is Directive #2. I'll post pictures of the event as soon as I get them.

Also, there is an article about the 48 hour show from a few weeks ago... written in Slovak!

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