Friday, August 19, 2011

Get ready grad schools/ things to paint

I'm planning to apply to grad school this fall, and I've been researching schools and putting together a portfolio and thinking about my artist statement. This sumer I've been away from my studio so much, I'm excited to get back in september and paint my head off.

Since I graduated I've been keeping a list on my computer of ideas for art projects (currently over 50 projects long). Often when I'm working on a body of work a million other ideas flood my brain, so I put them on this list, and sometimes I get around to doing them, but usually they marinate in the back of my brain for a while to be picked up months or years later or transformed into other projects. Usually though they are forgotten until every once in a while when I read through the list for fun.

I thought I'd post a few for fun

-A woman lives in a whale skeleton. she builds the whale: inside the holy, you pick something you've always wanted to know, to accomplish. This whale is your cocoon. You practice here. You can emerge again when you are satisfied. I will ask others to do this too.
-Tornado Dream underwater greenhouse 
-Joan of arcs!
    -gun toating
    -water floating
    -Collapsed and defeted
    - indifferent
-More parades
-Euridice under water or on the moon.

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