Thursday, July 28, 2011

July painting marathon

Julie and I painted another 12 hour painting marathon tuesday. We decided to make it the kind of painting marathon that would challenge us to push our art boundaries a little, so she committed to making one giant painting in the 12 hours, and I gave myself the task of trying to create a visual narrative with my paintings. We probably had way too much fun, and though we had our moments of doubt, we made some pretty kick ass art.

Here is a bigger version of Julie's painting, it transformed so much as she worked on it, and I love the finished product. We decided to call it bottel rocket:

Here is a bigger version of my story about a star-keeper. He collects stars in a large net and takes them to nebulas where they turn into star honey. When this honey drips through the night sky it fills up this constellation of a woman, and she falls into the ocean. There she decides to tie feathers to sharks. The end could use a few more panels. I think she might attach messages to the feathers or something like that.

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