Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photos of the show

I'm posting some photos of our show, enjoy!

The artists. Annie and I inadvertently both wore polkadots to the opening. (you can't really tell she is wearing polkadots in this picture cause they were small.)

We had to hang our paintings on ropes so they overlapped each other because we had more square feet of art than wall space.

The first wall you'd see as you walk in.

Annie's feasts!

Floor to ceiling paintings. This wall is secretly all about that crab in the middle.

All the paintings we made on the first day hung in trees to illustrate the structure of the project.

Squeezing in every last painting, yes we hung all 728 paintings, no they were not all visible. We encouraged guests to crouch down and lift paintings to try and see all the layers.

Our carnival corner.

Hell beasts and super heroes (Tom Waits counts as both.)

Famous Paintings.

Annie explaining the project.

The start of our apocalypse room.

All the ways the world could end.

Zombies! (The door was closed during the show, so that you could see Zombie Annie peeking through the window.)

So much art, it took 5 12 hour days with lots of help to hang. Thanks to all who pitched in in the effort of making and showing these paintings, we really couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Congratulations to both of you on a beautifully and thoughtfully hung show.

    Also, awesome that you sold some.

    Miss yas!

  2. absolutely incredible!!!!! fantastic, amazing, ridiculous- colossal congrats! would've loved to have been there. so happy to see the photos. you guys are major superstars. XO julie

  3. woo-hoo!! congrats, lovely Annie and Geddes!

  4. Thanks guys, it was quite a very rewarding experience to put together a show of all those paintings. Rewarding and exhausting.

  5. That's my granddaughter!?!