Sunday, March 20, 2011


So Annie and I just painted 78 paintings in 12 hours. I still can't quite believe we did it. To respect our triangular number inspiration, we painted them in batches of 12, 11, 10, 9 etc...

For ease of photography, we photographed my ascending and her descending batches in order together, even though that does not represent the order they were painted in.

Annie's 12 and my 1
 Annie's 11 and my 2
 Annie's 10 and my 3
 Annie's 9 and my 4
 Annie's 8 and my 5
 Annie's 7 and my 6
Annie's 6 and my 7
 Annie's 5 and my 8
 Annie's 4 and my 9 (it is a re-arrangeable dragon!)
 Annie's 3 and my 10
 Annie's 2 and my 11
 Annie's 1 and my 12
 Here are all our paintings stacked together side by side

Also, a friend in solidarity of our extraordinary feat, ate 78 white chocolate Hershey Kisses today. Perfect.


  1. I love the dragon, and the 10'-12' run! (and the run of 4) : )


  2. That is a lot of white chocolate (and twice that many paintings.) Blown away by day 1.

  3. Thanks all for the support, all we do is paint eat and sleep, paradise of folly?

  4. looking good, looking real good!!! julie xo