Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Levenson & Levenson collaboration

I've spent the past four days planning, organizing and otherwise preparing for my epic art project with Annie Blazejack. It deserves it's own post, and will get one soon. Until then, here is a hint. We are affectionately calling it a 12 in 12 in 12, even though that's not entirely accurate.

In more recent collaboration news, My father shipped me up a bunch of his photographs to paint on. It is difficult knowing exactly how much to paint and how much to leave, and the photographs are so beautiful to start out with, it can be a little intimidating to paint on them. Still, it's an exciting idea, and a lot of fun.
Here is the picture before I painted on it
And here is the after picture

 I also started this painting, it's from the same photograph (he sent me multiples). I believe the bee keeper has become a star keeper. I'm not quite sure what the next step with this one should be. I like it quite a bit as is, but it doesn't seem finished yet.

My dad and I were joking about how to sign these collaborations. I said we could sign his last name if we sign my first name.

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