Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wow, we just finished the MOST EPIC art project ever. My plan for celebration? I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, maybe even till nine.

We each made a 4' x 6' painting today! We thought it would be fun to paint about the same thing, so we each made a painting about St Thecla. Mostly an excuse to keep painting lions.

At 5pm today I decided I hated the painting I had started, and started over again, it was a mad race to the finish, but I got mine done, and here it is: The ferocious beasts fall asleep at Thecla's feet.

Annie paints Thecla baptising herself in a pool of sea lions.  Also check out the EPIC lion battles. And if you  can find the cute fighting bears (something you should definitely google image search) you get 10 points.


  1. Bravo! Your epic painting project inspires and amazes. Can't wait to see all the art in person.

  2. you are truly amazing! congrats geddes!!! xo julie

  3. Insane, lady.

    Currently leaning into a 1-in-14 (days). Also I've been booked for a 12-in-12 with a friend back here. Keep it up!