Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 8: Saving the world.

Today Annie and I discovered that saving the world is harder than destroying it. We decided after our day of apocalypse mayhem that we should rebuild and offer hope for some utopic vision of the world. Turns out that's rather hard to do.

Also, keep sending us music and thanks to those who have.

These are the first visions of hope post-apocalypse. Check out the sardine feast, it spirals out infinitely. My dad will do pretty well post apocalypse, cause he likes sardines. (painted by Geddes)

We'll still have christmas after the apocalypse, decorating the trees with jewelry. Weird mutant creatures will grace the earth.  (painted by Annie)

Plants grow everywhere. New life brings new hope. (by geddes)

Even airplanes become greenhouses (painted by Annie)

We need some superheroes post apocalypse. Annie and my dog Sammy and I are costumed heroes. Sammy's super power is, apparently, being ridiculously cute. (painted by Geddes)

Annie paints portraits of the two of us post apocalypse. Apparently it is windy and cold.

Annie paints some house boats. 

And I provide some post apocalypse graffiti.

For our final paintings of the day (we might have lost a little steam towards the end), we decided that the new age should have some reproductions of Milton Avery paintings. I painted the upper one, and Annie the lower. 

We are a little shocked that we will have to get up and paint again tomorrow. How did this happen? I'm sure we'll get a second wind soon.

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