Saturday, March 26, 2011


First of all thanks to all who sent us music!!!! Please keep it coming. Second of all, Annie and I decided to paint about the apocalypse/ post-apocalypse today, so brace yourselves.

For our sixes, we painted all the different ways the apocalypse might happen. 
Mine are: Alien Invasion, Some kind of pollution/ disease that requires the wearing of a gas mask. protective suit, a giant meteor hitting the earth, global flooding, atomic war and a black hole cause by a large hadron collider.

Annies are: Robots take over, Giant explosion, Over population,  Too much trash (in the ocean), infestation of burmese pythons.

Then we painted the aftermath on the things around us. I painted piles of things we will no longer need: computers, cars, high heels, street signs, and money

Annie painted mutant fish with many eyes. Her brother is happy to have caught them because now he'll get to eat something that doesn't come from a can, even if it is mutated and fluoresces a little.

Then we painted the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In tribute to Delacroix I decided to give the world a fighting chance by loosing some lions on the horses.

Annie's are very unlikely apocalypse bringers. 

For 3 I painted some event horizons, and Annie painted some feasts (of canned food).
 For hour 2 we painted ourselves as zombies. The top two are her paintings. Mine are clearly more gruesome.

For my one I painted the only island left on earth with all my apocalyptic plannings written in side and Annie painted an event horizon under her list of apocalyptic things. 

That's 21 paintings each today. Tomorrow we paint 15, and are switching to a yet larger size paper.

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