Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 5

Annie and I painted 36 paintings today. We felt a little sluggish, hopefully we'll get a second wind soon. Tomorrow we're half way through. We also increase paper size tomorrow.

I started out the day drawing everyone in my immediate(ish) family. The paintings curled a little as they dried, sot the faces look a little distorted in this picture (especially Webby and Hero). I promise they are not actually. It was lovely to spend so much time painting people that I love so much.
 In response Annie painted her brother 7 times holding various fish that he has caught.

Annie made 8 lists of reasons to paint. 

So I made 6 lists of where, with whom,  why, when, how, and what I have painted. (there were supposed to be 7 of these but I accidentally used the other paper to make one of my houses.)

Annie paints 6 Florida housing developments. 

So I painted 5 houses ( I meant to paint only 4, but a stray paper from the lists made its way here.) The other painting is Annie's 1

These are the states I have called home right-ways and mirror-imaged.

Annie brings my horizontal bars into her 2, and I make them vertical in my 1

Our fours make nice pairs with each other. Annie's are the top ones, and mine are the lower ones. 

Our threes are a remembrance of yesterday's threes with my three headed hell beast and her circles. 

Annie paints 4 fields and I paint a pair of shivery islands. 

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  1. Cute foot in states and shivery islands.