Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 4

Annie and I painted 45 paintings each today, and we're surprised by how much longer the larger pieces of paper are taking us. Still, we're pretty excited about many of the things we made.

Annie starts the day with 9 friends.
 I respond with nine superhero portraits of Annie. They don' photograph so well as a group because there is a good bit of fine pencil detail, so you'll have to take my word that some came out pretty well.

I started the day with 9 phantom deer.
 And Annie replied with 8 forest fires.

Then Annie made 7 fields

And I made 7 paintings of various critters I used to catch growing up in Miami.

Annie has caught 5 butterflies. Their wings have words on them. Also her batch of one painting is at the bottom right for picture taking efficiency. 

Annie makes 6 mountains with monsters from Henry Darger paintings. I respond with two abstract landscapes printed from each other.

For my 6 I wrote a kind of a story.

In my 5 the moon is slowly waning. Annie makes mattress stacks.

Our batches of three complement each other nicely. Annie's paint splotches are talking to each other.

I made a three headed hell hound. Probably my favorite thing that I made today. Also Annie experiences a Rothko-like moment and out came three very beautiful paintings. I like these side by side. 


  1. That's me!

    And what would you do with the critters once you caught them?

  2. Usually put them into a terrarium for a few days and then let them go, except for the fish... we ate that one. Sometimes I was just catching them in the house and putting them outdoors.