Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Annie and I each made 55 paintings today bring our total thus far to 199 paintings each in three days. Phew! We are begining to wonder how this project will transform us and our art making ideas.

Annie started the day out with a parade of animals. Note the pig with galoshes.

I turned it into a circus parade of dancing animals. The tiger is my personal favorite.
my 10: All of these are omens.

Annie chose some personal omens that come in pairs.

For her 8, Annie revisited our favorite theme of repainting works by favorite artists.

For my 7, I responded in kind.  I had forgotten how much I love Delacroix. As a child, I always marveled at how he got away with painting horses and lions fighting all the time.

My 8 Islands growing. Annie's 7 microscopic cells.

Annie painted me 6 times, and I painted 3 blind contours of her.

6 candles burning at both ends (gee I wonder who painted those) and Annie's 5 birthday cakes.
  I painted 4 "couplets" and Annie painted 3 haikus.
 Annie uses her 4 pages to make a fire. I do mine on just two, and with no wood. It's a magical fire that fuels on itself. At the bottom are each of our 1 paintings.
Here are our stacks of all the paintings that we have made so far. Tomorrow we switch to a slightly larger size paper.


  1. That's galoshes? Or maybe it IS goulash, can't quite make them out.

    Anyway, bravo, bravo, bravo. Encore, encore, encore!!!!!

  2. Fixed it thanks! Many more days to come.

  3. I danced with a circus tiger once. She was pretty, but didn't dance in a two-two... : )

  4. You guys seem to agree on what a fire is, but I'm not sure I am of the same mind!

    Love love.