Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 11

Only one day left! We are already starting to feel a little nostalgic. We're pretty excited to only make one painting tomorrow. What had originally felt rather daunting now seems pleasant and appealing.

We each made three paintings today.

My first painting of the day is a portrait of Iphigenia and takes into question the varying versions of the myth.

Then I painted a giant zombie portrait of my friend Maggie because it is her birthday today and zombies are fun to paint.

My final painting was inspired by the idea of the chimera I split her into her various animals and for some reason she is pulling around this lady in a half shell. The original inspiration for this painting was a parade to celebrate my sister-in-law's pregnancy. I think perhaps this isn't the ideal parade for the occasion though.

This is Annie's first painting of the day. She was proud to make a painting that scared even herself. Also I think it is a portrait of us.

She repainted yesterday's beet feast. Yum?

And her final painting is having some fun with paint. Also can you find the peacocks?

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  1. One of my room mates posted zombie outbreak survival instructions in our kitchen today.

    I love my home.