Monday, March 21, 2011

2 days down, only 10 more to go!

Annie and I each painted 66 paintings today. It was slightly easier than yesterday, but we still felt pressed for time. We painted them in batches again, but this time in a sort of call and response.

My first 11 "Greatest Hits" I copied some paintings by artists I like

Annie's response: For her batch of 10, Annie made some greatest hits of her own.
For her batch of 11 Annie painted some Islands with treasure, starting each new painting from a print of the last.

For my batch of 10, I copied Annie's printing process, and made ten commandments, a kind of treasure really.

For my batch of 9, I made beds so for her 5, Annie made sleeping animals

In response to Annie's 9 looping highways I made my 8 into a neat loop of its own.

Annie writes some words of hpersonaler wisdom for her 8, and my 1 has some words hidden in it as well. Also, I cut her circles in half.

For my 7 I made a short story. There was a capsule floating in space, which contained an astronaut. His ship broke, and he had to make some repairs. When suddenly... BLACK HOLE. Note the fear in his eyes as he disappears beyond the event horizon. Bang bang bang space astronaut.
In response Annie made two labyrinths, one with multiple escapes and one with none.

Annie made 7 decoy duck paintings, all identical. I made some targets to go with them.

Annie made 6 gardens and planted little seeds of paint from which sprouted my four paintings of chaotic flowers.

From my 5 shivery barren islands, Annie adds some green in her 4.

First row: Annie's 3 flower paintings
Second row, my 3 minimalist paintings
Third row my two paintings, half sun half moon, and Annie's final painting is a sort of summary.

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  1. Utterly brilliant! These are so good! GOOOOOOOOOOOO TEAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Do I wish I knew some villains personally?