Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wow, we just finished the MOST EPIC art project ever. My plan for celebration? I'm going to sleep in tomorrow, maybe even till nine.

We each made a 4' x 6' painting today! We thought it would be fun to paint about the same thing, so we each made a painting about St Thecla. Mostly an excuse to keep painting lions.

At 5pm today I decided I hated the painting I had started, and started over again, it was a mad race to the finish, but I got mine done, and here it is: The ferocious beasts fall asleep at Thecla's feet.

Annie paints Thecla baptising herself in a pool of sea lions.  Also check out the EPIC lion battles. And if you  can find the cute fighting bears (something you should definitely google image search) you get 10 points.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 11

Only one day left! We are already starting to feel a little nostalgic. We're pretty excited to only make one painting tomorrow. What had originally felt rather daunting now seems pleasant and appealing.

We each made three paintings today.

My first painting of the day is a portrait of Iphigenia and takes into question the varying versions of the myth.

Then I painted a giant zombie portrait of my friend Maggie because it is her birthday today and zombies are fun to paint.

My final painting was inspired by the idea of the chimera I split her into her various animals and for some reason she is pulling around this lady in a half shell. The original inspiration for this painting was a parade to celebrate my sister-in-law's pregnancy. I think perhaps this isn't the ideal parade for the occasion though.

This is Annie's first painting of the day. She was proud to make a painting that scared even herself. Also I think it is a portrait of us.

She repainted yesterday's beet feast. Yum?

And her final painting is having some fun with paint. Also can you find the peacocks?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 10

Wow, we've been painting for 10 days straight, 12 hours a day. Today we made six 25" x 35" paintings.

Annie painted feasts!

I painted one post apocalyptic graffiti
 Two feasts (note it's the same cake Annie painted, that is because one time we actually ate this multilayered rainbow monstrosity.)

And three sad ladies, the first is a copy of a Diebenkorn, the second is meant to be a woman dipping her feet in an event horizon, and the third is Eurydice being pulled back into the underworld, or else struck by lightning, who is to say.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 9

We made 10 paintings each today. I decided to focus on a journey to the underworld. Annie painted things she likes.

The entryway to Hades is a deep cavern.

Persephone and Hades (Tom Waits) rule the underworld.

Cerberus guards the river keeping the dead from leaving and the living from entering. 

Along the path are formless souls, coal black stallions to draw Hades's chariot, vultures circling the air. Bring coins to pay your passage across the river. 

Annie paints her dad, boyfriend as a fox, and a swimming pool. 

Her two cats are reclining, and she loves them like crazy.

Annie experiments with circles and left over paint. The bottom left painting was made in her dream last night, and then made in reality this morning.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 8: Saving the world.

Today Annie and I discovered that saving the world is harder than destroying it. We decided after our day of apocalypse mayhem that we should rebuild and offer hope for some utopic vision of the world. Turns out that's rather hard to do.

Also, keep sending us music and thanks to those who have.

These are the first visions of hope post-apocalypse. Check out the sardine feast, it spirals out infinitely. My dad will do pretty well post apocalypse, cause he likes sardines. (painted by Geddes)

We'll still have christmas after the apocalypse, decorating the trees with jewelry. Weird mutant creatures will grace the earth.  (painted by Annie)

Plants grow everywhere. New life brings new hope. (by geddes)

Even airplanes become greenhouses (painted by Annie)

We need some superheroes post apocalypse. Annie and my dog Sammy and I are costumed heroes. Sammy's super power is, apparently, being ridiculously cute. (painted by Geddes)

Annie paints portraits of the two of us post apocalypse. Apparently it is windy and cold.

Annie paints some house boats. 

And I provide some post apocalypse graffiti.

For our final paintings of the day (we might have lost a little steam towards the end), we decided that the new age should have some reproductions of Milton Avery paintings. I painted the upper one, and Annie the lower. 

We are a little shocked that we will have to get up and paint again tomorrow. How did this happen? I'm sure we'll get a second wind soon.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


First of all thanks to all who sent us music!!!! Please keep it coming. Second of all, Annie and I decided to paint about the apocalypse/ post-apocalypse today, so brace yourselves.

For our sixes, we painted all the different ways the apocalypse might happen. 
Mine are: Alien Invasion, Some kind of pollution/ disease that requires the wearing of a gas mask. protective suit, a giant meteor hitting the earth, global flooding, atomic war and a black hole cause by a large hadron collider.

Annies are: Robots take over, Giant explosion, Over population,  Too much trash (in the ocean), infestation of burmese pythons.

Then we painted the aftermath on the things around us. I painted piles of things we will no longer need: computers, cars, high heels, street signs, and money

Annie painted mutant fish with many eyes. Her brother is happy to have caught them because now he'll get to eat something that doesn't come from a can, even if it is mutated and fluoresces a little.

Then we painted the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In tribute to Delacroix I decided to give the world a fighting chance by loosing some lions on the horses.

Annie's are very unlikely apocalypse bringers. 

For 3 I painted some event horizons, and Annie painted some feasts (of canned food).
 For hour 2 we painted ourselves as zombies. The top two are her paintings. Mine are clearly more gruesome.

For my one I painted the only island left on earth with all my apocalyptic plannings written in side and Annie painted an event horizon under her list of apocalyptic things. 

That's 21 paintings each today. Tomorrow we paint 15, and are switching to a yet larger size paper.

Day 7 A humble request...

Annie and I are painting away, and we have a humble request. Dear friends, at this point in our project, we have heard all our music a LOT of times. If you have some good songs please email them to

Thanks all for following our project, and for songs if you have them.

Annie & Geddes

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 6 aka half way done.

Annie and I made 28 paintings today. We're half way through the project, and art making is becoming second nature. We are beginning to see and experience things differently.

I re-wrote my astronaut story with a seafarer and a whirlpool.  Even the ocean has event horizons.

Annie paint's young children looking at event horizons. 

Annie paints famous portraits.

So I did to. 

Annie paints housing developments again. 

So I painted the Everglades.
 Annie writes billboards about art.
 Mine are about the post-apocalypse,

I painted a carousel.

Annie made portraits of the horses.

And here are out twos and ones, mine on the top and Annie's at the bottom.