Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oil paint

I love oil paint. I'm still in Miami which is where I'm storing some of the best oil paintings I've done. Looking at them all day has gotten me excited about pulling out the oil paints again and making some luscious paintings. To that end, I put a ground color on this canvas.
 Also, my dad gave me a print of one of his photographs that didn't come out quite right
 And I added a giant tent to it. It was really fun to work on, a new kind of collaboration... perhaps a new kind of 12 in 12 could come from this?


  1. I love these! What's ground color?

  2. A ground is a foundation layer for a painting. Some artists use white grounds, and some will put a color down. In general I think grounds are meant to prepare a canvas or panel for optimum paint absorption, but they can also be used to create a texture or color that will influence the painting.