Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Basel: Day 3

I am so glad I finally got a picture of this horse-drawn hummer that has been driving around town during Art Basel.

I started out the day at the Rubell family collection, where I saw this Karal Kristalova sculpture. I first encountered her work will interning at the Paris branch of Emmanuel Perrotin. I've always loved the strong yet open ended symbolism of her sculptures. After the Rubell collection, I checked out the Miami branch of Emmanuel Perrotin, and even ran into my old boss who was in town for art basel.

After, I headed over to the Red Dot show, but only had 15 minutes before I headed across the street to Art Miami to meet a friend. Art Miami was HUGE, and had so much good art.

Below is an painting by Masatake Kouzaki. I enjoyed the whimsy in these images, and the lines/ details the artist uses in rendering them. Also the gold. Adding a little gold never hurts.

I must have spent 30 minutes talking to the woman at the Blue Leaf Gallery booth with the painting bellow. The artist is an Irish woman named Suzy O'Mullane. I'm impressed by the way she combines charcoal and paint, something I've been working at figuring out recently. Apparently in Ireland, wolves are figures of protection, and have a reputation as guardians.

Oh is that how that works? The mystery of centaur spinal configuration has been a life long puzzle to me.

After Art in Miami, we went to an opening on Miami Beach curated by a friend of my mothers. It was a collection of African art works, and each piece told a different story. Sadly I couldn't get any pictures, but it was inspiring and hopefully I'll get a chance to go back and see it again.

After the opening, my friend and I headed back to Wynwood to check out Fountain, an edgier show that I thoroughly enjoyed. So far all the satellite shows had this pristine gallery-like quality. Fountain was filled with performance art and installations. There was art floor to ceiling, much of it with an apocalyptic energy. Such as the painting below by "trustocorp"

Also these end of society paintings hung salon style on two neighboring walls. The works were unattributed, and I couldn't say if they are all by the same artist or not, but they worked very well as an overload of disaster messages.

One of my favorite things at the fountain show, aside from the energy and chaos was being introduced to the work of an artist named "Swoon". There were some drawings/paintings by her on a wall, and the gallerist showed me a book of her work. She made this series of rafts, they are so intricate and beautiful, and it made me want to move to New York and be her friend... oh wait, step one is already accomplished!

Art Basel is a wonderful thing!


  1. woah so if they have two rib cages can they have two hearts or two sets of lungs?

  2. That is probably what makes them so badass... well that and being half horse.