Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Basel: Day 2


I checked out Art Asia and Scope today, two satellite shows in the same building. They were so amazing, tons of fresh and inspiring new art. I may have even enjoyed it more than the official Art Basel show.

I particularly liked these two works by Shen Shaomin, and artist who recombines animal skeletons to make new creatures. He refuses bones and make impossible joints t create these piece that manage to be simultaneously whimsical and unsettling.
 This second sculpture was made from the skeletons of two Mallard Ducks. In China these ducks are a symbol for matrimony because they mate for life, and when one of the two dies the other stops eating until it starves. This sculpture is an ominous and playful exploration of what might happen if a mallard duck were unfaithful.
 The following is a drawing Casper Chan. I particularly like the luminosity in this work paired with how the artist uses the texture of the wood as a color. I am also a sucker for most things involving charcoal.

I also saw photography/ video show at the ID gallery in Winwood that featured my father's new work. There were 4 photographs he has taken in the past year road-tripping near Tennessee/ Georgia. They continue his exploration of subcultures. One viewer at the gallery was adamant that they couldn't be digital photographs because they had such a strong film quality to them.

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