Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Basel: Day 1

All art, all the time! That's Art Basel in Miami. Today I went to the opening, and had a mere 2 hours to explore a convention center full of art. There was so much to see, and I don't think I could say I even saw half of it!

For fellow Art Basel goers, because I forgot to take down gallery names, this is a sort of scavenger hunt, if you head to the show, see if you can get a good look at all of the following... and more

These feet were one of the first things I saw,  you know after the Rothko and so on. There were a couple similar sculptures, all by an artist named Diana Al-Hadid. They are all about life-size, and very gripping.

Perhaps it's just because I have good taste in art, but I LOVE Milton Avery his work absolutely takes my breath away with his simplicity of form and subtle color palette. Also because he is a genius.
 Don't his paintings just feel like poems?

I am nothing if not consistent, and much like my last trip to MOMA, I kept seeing paitnings that called to me, examining them more closely only to discover they were by Motherwell. Thank you Art Basel for your multiple Motherwells.

I have a long standing love affair with Cindy Sherman. Her use of alter egos is revolutionary and compelling. This picture spoke to me even more than any of her other works (and I've seen quite a few). Perhaps it's size reminds me of my epic mythological self-portraits, or perhaps It is her Medusa-like hair, but this photograph has an aura of epic-ness.
 Also the wall filled with these little moth-frog-people was really creepy and unsettling and amazing.

There were so many other things, which I wish I'd managed to look atlonger/ photograph/ see at all. If you go, there were some really amazing photographs, including classics by Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank. There was a Diebenkorn, an artist whose work I've been wanting to see in person for a while. A beautiful Jenny Holzer tomb-type thing that was very unsettling, and haunting and beautiful. And so so so much more. Day 2 I'm hoping to hang around Wynwood and see some of the Satellite shows and galleries in that area.

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