Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 418:

Another little ink drawing, I'm pretty into this one and am planning to incorporates some of it in my newest Joan of Arc.
This is layer one for the new Joan of Arc. I haven't exactly planned what is going to happen from here, but it should be exciting.
And a few more changes to my big JOA. I added some more to the black and white by the feet and went back into the figure with a 6B pencil to make it more present. Especially in the hands and hair. I also added a little white chalk to the figure to make it subtly whiter.
All in a yesterday's work.


  1. The background reminds me of Milton Avery...

  2. The ink drawing is like a fingerprint.

    You are like Joan of Arc.

  3. P.S. are those hills for me? *puppy eyes*

  4. I do love Milton Avery. Yes Maggie those hills are for you, I'm hopping to put you in there tomorrow, but I have to write a grant proposal, so it may have to wait.