Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 414: New Devolopments

Last night I went to a show that fellow artist Julie Torres curated in her apartment. It included this painting of mine, which is much more chaotic than most of my work and which I had considered unfinished when she first came to my studio and picked it out for the show. Talking to her made me more interested in including chaos in my art instead of tying everything together in each painting.

The show was really exciting, there were artists and art from floor to ceiling. It was a well curated show, somehow all the works with their variety of themes, media and styles all came together, and the whole time I was torn between just staring at all the wonderful works and talking with all the interesting people. Thankfully there was enough time for both.

An article about the show she curated can be found on this art-critic -blog There is no specific mention of me, but my painting is featured in a picture, and there are some good thoughts on DIY art shows.

Also today I painted a first layer for a new Joan of Arc painting. Note the absence of Joan... don't worry she'll be there, I just want to make it nice and chaotic first.

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