Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 404: Abstract expressionism (love)

I went to MOMA today and saw their show on abstract expressionism. It got me to thinking about paint, and art and how much I love being an artist. It also gave me some good ideas on things to try with Joan of Arc and other future works. Here are some of the beautiful paintings I saw today. There is no picture of the amazing Pollock I spent 20 minutes looking at today. There was no way to document the awe it inspired in me. I can't believe he managed to make a painting that could simultaneously be about the surface and have such a strong sense of depth. The rhythm of his mark making and the subtlety of the colors were awe inspiring.

These are all obviously way better in person, and should be checked out if you are in NYC area.

This is by Adolph Gottlieb

The following two are by Motherwell , who I fell in LOVE with today. He makes paint as a medium more beautiful than I knew was possible.

Hedda Sterne is an amazing artist AND a woman (not to many female abstract expressionists that got any recognition). I think this painting is absolutely breathtaking. Also it might have been done, at least in part, in spray paint!
Another amazing female artist, Louise Bourgeois. There was an article about her in ArtNews, it seems she was one of the biggest inspirations for most of the amazing feminist artists that ever were. Also she was an amazing feminist artist painting up until she died and always exploring new exciting radically different things throughout her life. Fearless!

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