Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 401: Playing with fire... and paint

I brought my big Joan of Arc painting to this stage, and am a little stuck on what to do with the bottom half
After a really interesting semi-crit from one of my studio-mates (who suggested I try using burnt paper in layers) I ran to the nearby grocery store, bought a candle and some matches, and, next to a giant bucket of water (they'll be no burning down my studio) I started playing with fire. I didn't get burned, but I did discover that tracing paper is HIGHLY flammable. I collaged some of the burnt papers in my sketchbook, but haven't decided how or even if I'm going to incorporate this.

I did get some really cool fire effects on this piece of watercolor paper.
The buildings are a bunch of churches drawn on tracing paper and glued down with mat medium. I was thinking of using this for the bottom part of the painting, but am not quite convinced it's what I need. I would also really like to find a way to incorporate gold leaf.

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