Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 400: PS Zero

My opening! It was great fun. First and foremost, thanks to the friends who showed up in support. You guys rock! The other art there was thought provoking, and much of it was better than what I'd seen earlier that day at PS1. I'm not entirely sure what my favorite works were, but I did really enjoy these elegant collages that somehow seamed universal and personal. It was also really great to see my art up on a wall and outside of the context of my studio. The experience was definitely a good incentive to keep getting my art out there. I'd really love o get my newest works in a show to see how people respond to them.

My thoughts on today's visit to PS1... overall, it was underwhelming. There were some really cool works there, especially photographs, that were stirringly beautiful, but most of the time all I could do was wrinkle my brow and go "huh?". Occasioanly, there would be an interesting idea that I could almost imagine grasping, but was poorly executed. I'm specifically thinking of the fish tank with two seemingly underfed fish in it, and a print out of two iconic renaissance paintings (I'm pretty sure it was this painting by Piero della Francesca) hastily taped to the back side.
It seamed clear that the two fish were stand-ins for this renaissance couple, but it was unclear which was which, weather they were purposely underfed, and what the artist wanted to convey with this parallel.

As for the venue, I liked the layout, though a map on each floor of open galleries would have been nice. I especially enjoyed some of the paintings in the stairwells, which reminded me of List art center at Brown. Walking up the five flights of stairs to my studio everyday made the graffiti-ed walls and steps seem like landmarks that unceremoniously came into and went out of existence.

I spent a little time organizing and cleaning my studio today (it was much needed), and I'm super excited to get out there tomorrow and MAKE SOME ART!

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