Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 371: Many great and magnificent things, it's kind of a big deal.

It was a beautiful cool sunny day in Brooklyn today, so I opened the windows to my studio while I painted.
And on this blue skied day, many great and magnificent things were set in motion.

Some time last year, on a walk, Maggie, Annie and I happened to acquire a dead swan. In fact, retrieving said swan may have been the original purpose of said walk. The carcass was in fewer pieces than we would have originally desired, but sparing the gruesome details, we ended up with many very bleached swan feathers. There had always been some intention of art in all, and now the time has finally come. There is a long-distance simultaneous performance piece in the works. I'll leave you in suspense of the details for now.

Here is a drawing of Maggie, perhaps a sneak pre-vies, with some of the swan feathers in her hair.
The other excitement of the day deserves it's own post, I'll put it up in a few moments.

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