Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 326: A Reminder

It is some ungodly hour, and I find myself unable to fall asleep. Such is the consequence of taking a vacation from my art making. After about a week, I find myself lying in bed planning paintings until the morning arrives all too soon.

It's nice to be suddenly filled with inspiration and ideas, but being tired all the time is a slight drawback. Thankfully, a week from today Annie and I are doing another 12 in 12 hours, so I just have to make it until then.

In the mean time, I'm teaching a drawing class at the Rhine Art Center in Lakeside Ohio. I ask my students to fill a 70 sheet sketchbook in our 5 day course. It's a decent amount of drawing so I also do the assignment, in solidarity. I haven't done much in my sketchbook this year since I've been using the monthly 12 in 12's to a similar end. It's nice to return to that format, plus it's been good practice drawing from life.

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