Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 280: 12 in 12 hours

Annie and I lay out tarps across the living room floor. Gathering our supplies we organize them across the floor, each carving out a rectangular space for our pristine sheets of white paper. And then the madness begins. The tubes of paint scatter, the gesso spills, our brushes drip. Our hands and the bottoms of our feet our as panted as our paper. Every hour, we hand the outher our newly finished painting. In our next work, we respond to the one before us, we steel each other's colors, compositions, subjects. If one of us finishes a few minutes early we dash to the kitchen to throw some food in the crockpot, assuring that come dinner time, we will have something to eat, even if we can't find time until 8 or 9.

June 30th, 10 am the ritual begins again.

Geddes Hour 1:

Annie Hour 2:

Annie hour 1:

Geddes Hour 2:

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