Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 244: Getting Better

I've spent the past week valiantly battling off a cold. Three boxes of tissues later and with only a little residual cough, I'm ready to get back to work!

Most recently, I've been painting the ocean in idealized and geometric terms that liken it to a magnificent circus tent. With the oil spill everyday getting worse, I've begun to feel an apocalypse coming. Reading the newspaper will do that to you. I've become interested in the idea of post apocalyptic, dystopian and utopian art.

Eli (my boyfriend) has recently engaged in a photography project revolving around the providence river, and all the remnants of railroads and debris that line the shores. Riding our bikes out to various abandoned and discarded machinery often gives the sensation of entering a post apocalyptic world, stumbling upon the rusting remnants of a previous society that seems to have suddenly vanished.

He was looking at a photographer Edward Burtynsky. Some of his color photographs allude to a post-calamity end of humanity world.

I believe the main strength of these occasionally hauntingly beautiful photographs lies in the subject matter. I've picked out my favorites.

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