Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 249: Dresses

In 8th grade I entered my first costume design competition at the youth fair and got a judges award. Throughout high school, I cultivated my passion for costume design. Entering the competitions also gave me an excuse to collect fabric swatches, and today my fabric collection takes up at least four boxes.

I love fabrics, and have been known to start convulsing with joy upon entering any fabric store. For my art final freshman year of college I made a skirt meant to evoke a koi pond, and wore it to my brother's wedding. Though I haven't done much costume design since high school, I carry around my sewing machine and boxes of fabrics every time I move.

Often in moves with creative costume design, I'll notice and be inspired by the costumes. This happened most recently with Colleen Atwood's designs for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The stunning, beautiful, breath taking costumes absolutely amazed me. When I researched her online, it turns out she also did costume design for Big Fish, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissor hands, Memoirs of a Geisha... just to name a few.

In summary, I've been inspired to get out all my fabrics, drape them over every surface of the living room, and start sewing again! I've finished the basic part of a dress, which I'm planning to attack with embroidery thread. Here are some images of her costume designs.

First from Sweeney Todd

Then Alice in Wonderland.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 245: Painting from life

I very seldom paint from life. I'll draw from life and paint from a combination of drawings and photographs. Today I did a couple of sketches in paint. This is something I really need to practice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 244: Getting Better

I've spent the past week valiantly battling off a cold. Three boxes of tissues later and with only a little residual cough, I'm ready to get back to work!

Most recently, I've been painting the ocean in idealized and geometric terms that liken it to a magnificent circus tent. With the oil spill everyday getting worse, I've begun to feel an apocalypse coming. Reading the newspaper will do that to you. I've become interested in the idea of post apocalyptic, dystopian and utopian art.

Eli (my boyfriend) has recently engaged in a photography project revolving around the providence river, and all the remnants of railroads and debris that line the shores. Riding our bikes out to various abandoned and discarded machinery often gives the sensation of entering a post apocalyptic world, stumbling upon the rusting remnants of a previous society that seems to have suddenly vanished.

He was looking at a photographer Edward Burtynsky. Some of his color photographs allude to a post-calamity end of humanity world.

I believe the main strength of these occasionally hauntingly beautiful photographs lies in the subject matter. I've picked out my favorites.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 237: Conversation 1

Yesterday Annie and I made 24 paintings. It is our fifth joint 12 in 12 hours (one for every month so far this year) and our third "conversation" 12 in 12 hours. In these conversation 12 in 12 hours, for the first hour we each sit and make a painting. We then trade paintings, and make a new painting in reaction to what the other just painted. The result is two concurrent conversations. Sometimes they are easy to follow, and sometimes they get off topic, just like any other conversation. It is amazing how old themes, previously explored resurface in new and surprising ways. As we played with the powerlines in the first drawing we re-discovered out ocean tent with stars from last month's 12 in 12 hours. Here is the conversation I started.

Conversation 2

Here is the other conversation from yesterday. Annie painted the first, and I painted the second and so on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hours 11 and 12

Geddes Hour 11
Annie Hour 12

Annie Hour 11
Geddes Hour 12

Hours 9 and 10

Geddes Hour 9

Annie Hour 10
Annie Hour 9
Geddes Hour 10

Hours 7 and 8

Geddes Hour 7
Annie Hour 8
Annie Hour 7
Geddes Hour 8

Hours 5 and 6

Geddes Hour 5

Annie Hour 6
Annie Hour 5
Geddes Hour 6

Hours 3 and 4

We are currently on hour 7, but it is hard to post and paint at the same time, so I'm uploading at every chance I get. Here is hour 3 and 4.

Geddes Hour 3

Annie Hour 4
Annie Hour 3
Geddes Hour 4

Day 236: 12 in 12 hours

Annie and I are doing out 12 in 12 hours conversation today! Here is hour 1 and 2

Geddes hour 1
Annie Hour 2
Annie Hour 1
Geddes Hour 2

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 233: Painting Accomplished

I added my fish swarm, with a pink tint in their highlights to emphasizes the flag. These fish are not perfect and neat and two dimensional. Rather, as water particles form the ocean waves, they are a mass of interchangeable fish that create a shimmering surface, a movable body.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 232: Picture Taking

Apparently, in New England, Spring means that without warning it can get very cold overnight and stay that way for several days. Which happened this past week. So yesterday, at the first peak of a return to warm weather, Eli and I went adventuring. Camera's in had, we followed railroad tracks along the Providence River. At the end of our trek we came across what might have been the remains of an old boat rusting in the water. Fishermen cast their lines over the side, but were weary of our excitement and cameras. By the time we arrived home again, we were happy to huddle under blankets. Apparently it gets warm in the summer?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 231: Go Fish

Here is my most recent school of fish. The yellow is pasted on tissue paper. I've started painting a school of fish on the ocean-tent painting, but am waiting to finish before posting a picture. I love painting.

Day 230: More fish swarms

I cut out a fish and taped it to my painting. Further experimentation on what it needs. I like yesterday's fish swarm better. I think that's what I'll add.

I practiced painting another school of fish. Since I made that nice pink fish, I decided to add it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 229: Fish Swarm

After a brief and inspiring vacation in Miami, I am back in Providence and planning to make more art than can be possibly made. Contemplating my most recent work, I feel it still needs something, but I'm not sure what yet, so I'm playing with ides. Today I painted a school of fish. I put it on the painting to see ow they might look together. What do you think?