Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 204/205: Night Painting

Last night Maggie and I went to Carr Pond. It was dark as we hiked through the woods, using a small flashlight and our toes to find all the rocks and mud in the path. After 20 minutes we found the secret trail to the lake. I was struck by how different everything looked with the trees still leafless. We sat for a long time with the dark water and sky, their boundary defined only by a darker line of trees. As the clouds reached out to cover the stars, we picked up our guitars hoping that playing would warm us up. My fingers were too cold to find the chords sometimes, but I felt warmer. The moon must have risen behind the glowing grey of the sky, because it began to feel like sunrise. Though it was 1:30 in the morning when we headed back down the path, we didn't need the flashlight to guide us. It seemed to me to be as light as dawn, and perhaps someone had exchanged the moon for its cousin. This morning I painted what I remembered. It isn't finished, but it has to dry before I can do anything else.

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