Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 161: Work in Progress

This is a work in progress. Those of you hardcore people who have followed my blog since the get go might recognize some recycled art (a collage I made after a run with Brenna), which I gessoed over and colored on. I'm incorporating some sewing now, attaching castle turrets, but it takes a very very long time.

And an up-close detail shows my found poem from yesterday's museum scavenger hunt.

Almost half of the titles come from works by Roni Horn. I'll make her my artist of the week, so look forward to hearing about her tomorrow.

On my speed date with the ICA (30 minutes is very speedy for a museum) I was enchanted. It is a smallish museum, with it's main gallery on the fourth floor accessible by a large elegant glass elevator. One of the gallery walls is made up of large windows framing views of the ocean, which was a tempestuous gray view on that rainy Boston day but beautiful none the less.

Aside from introducing me to Rodni Horn's work, the ICA also had some photographs by a personal favorite, Cindy Sherman. Perhaps the most immediately thought provoking piece I saw was by an artist named Krzysztof Wodiczko (I have no idea how that would be pronounced.) It was an installation piece called Veteran's Project (click for description)

The piece was a near home run. It was both mesmerizing and accessible. It lost a little once the combat started, and begin to feel more like a video game. I think that was partly due to the image quality, and partly due to the clarity of the surround sound voices. If the voices had been more muffled, and varied in volume I would have believed the events occurring outside the room to be more real. As it was, it was I was momentarily transported and enchanted at the beginning, and the end left me reflecting, which I believe was the goal. Some of the message seemed a little heavy handed. All in all though it was a powerful piece, and a very wonderful museum.

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