Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 155: getting to know you

I've been spending some time with my new works. I'm excited about the ideas that have come up, and I've been talking to all my friends about them. I also created a ritual for my friend's birthday this weekend. She celebrated it in London so I made a spell of conjuring that involved a scavenger hunt at a museum. The instructions:

I have a scavenger hunt of sorts. It is ideal really. It involves a museum, looking at art, conjuring friends, and making a found poem! Be sure to bring a pen and some paper.

A list of things to find within the paintings and sculptures (this doesn't include any guests or visitors to the museum mind you, it is very important that you find these in the works of art):

A circle
A lit candle
Two hands holding each other
princess dresses
A creature of mythology
The ocean
A really quality red
The inevitability of Christmas
A good climbing tree

When each object is found you should write down the name of the work of art you found it in. You're welcome to find each object any number of times, but only once is necessary. From the painting titles, compose a found poem. It is a conjuring spell. For the pleasure of a friend's company simply recite the spell three times then say their name.

If anyone does this, I would love to read the found poem they create.

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