Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 153: 12 in 12 hours shaken not stirred

For this 12 in 12 hours, I wanted to shake it up a little. In my excitement over the sewing idea, I wanted to try and make one piece with many drawings sewn together. I made a castle. I think I've still got some things to figure out about it, but good things are to come.

In the end I decided I wanted to make some paintings too. I started out with a whale skeleton

Then I made a deer skeleton, swimming at night.

These three fish are enlarged from my sketchbook, re-drawn onto this 18 x 24 sheet of paper

Playing with my idea of recreating childhood pictures in paint

And I ended with an octopus for good luck

Also here are some of Janelle's select AWESOME drawings made tonight.


  1. do you sell your paintings?

  2. Yes, send an email to mentioning which works you are interested in and I'll let you know how much they are and weather they have been sold. I look forward to hearing from you!