Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 149: Many things

Today I finished my painting based on the e. e. cummings poem Somewhere I have never traveled, and so ends my drawing of things smaller than rain for now. Here is the painting

Also you may have noticed a ripped off portion of the shrine drawing I made yesterday. I sewed it together today and really like the aesthetic. I think I'm going to have great fun with this idea of stitching together drawings.

Artist of the week: I discovered Rob Swainston's work this past week because he is a former recipient of a grant I plan to apply for. He makes monumental works of art on paper. While drawing from historical and religious themes, his work seems to address around how the present alters the past.

The third of these paintings is called portapocalypse. You can fold it up, carry it around, and then set up your apocalypse where ever you need it. Very brilliant!

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