Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 144: Multi Tasking- a call for aid!

Because I like to work on many things at once, and becuase I once started a painting a long time ago, I need a list of things that are smaller than rain. For some reason thinking of them is very hard for me. So far I have sequins, corn kernels and ants. Please help! If you can think of things smaller than rain (drops) please post them!

Thank you!

Also the call for childhood dress-up pictures remains open.


  1. Anything that comes in grains, like salt, sand, sugar...some kinds of tiny little flowers...

  2. pebbles, integrated circuits, chromosomes, and sleet (does that count?)

  3. Yes yes! Thanks for all the helo, keep 'em coming!

  4. - 4.5 mm ball bearings
    - the fry of most Cyprinidae
    - dust mites (I can lend a few if you need them)
    - glass splinters
    - Rhode Island
    - minced garlic
    - periods (most punctuation, actually)
    - diatoms
    - ticks

    Also: Copper pipe is expensive. Steel would be less so, but you need to have the tools to bend it. I can show you.

    Also also: photo of baby me forthcoming.

  5. Fish eggs!
    Fine print!
    Polly Pockets!