Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 143: on wisdom

Yesterday I worked on application stuff (fafsa, the locust project (for my whale skeleton) and finding some grants incase graduate school doesn't work out). It felt like second semester senior year, with all the pressure of wondering what is going to become of my life and feeling that whatever decision I make is going to determine my future.

Being an artist can be pretty difficult sometimes, so a good support network when you feel discouraged is important. Thankfully I've got that in abundance, plus a ton of excitement and love for art. That and a lot of drive to be making art seem to be the most key ingredients to being an artist. So I'm excited about all the different options as much as I am nervous about them. I wonder if part of acquiring wisdom is learning that one decision may set your course for a while but does not determine the rest of your life.

Well in the mean time I watched a Bill Nye the Science guy show about light and color. Even though I knew all the information in it, it still blew my mind a little. Also I talked excitedly about mythology with my housemate who has some pretty amazing photographs of Greece. I'm getting some great ideas for applying for a full bright! And who knows, maybe someday I'll be wise.

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  1. You got a Eureka! because i <3 Bill Nye. And everything else is cool to :P