Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 133: Great plans are afoot

I want to make a 32 foot whale skeleton. Out of what, I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe papermache, plaster, wood, wire, pipes (suggestions are welcome). The giant whale skeleton would be decorated as a home.

This draws from the culmination of many themes. The obvious: Jonah and the whale. While inside the belly of the whale, Jonah underwent a spiritual transformation. In a sense, the whale was his cocoon. I have been playing with the idea of cocoons as symbols for transformation. Humans always are looking for self transformation, we want to better, stronger, faster, smarter, more punctual... We are constantly seeking to re-enter our cocoons, with no final butterfly stage. This instillation plays with the idea of never leaving that cocoon, even after it has become a skeleton. Of remaining in a state of transformation. There would be a lamp and books, there will be Moby Dick, a sleeping bag, maybe some knitting. I would spread some sheets over the bones, like the forts of my childhood.

This will be brilliant and beautiful. The idea is evolving. Great things will come of this.

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  1. Come back to Providence and let's build a whale skeleton.