Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 111: reflections on a new year

Possibly the best new year's eve ever, spent playing games at Lindsay's house.

My first act of the new year will be a purging of old paintings and drawings. The walls of my bedroom in Miami are piled so thick with old work there is no space to make anything new. Now is the time for gessoing over old canvases, re-stretching works, cannibalizing drawings, making room for the new.

The most beautiful part of the new year is the arbitrary marking of a day, a time, a restart button. We are encouraged to reexamine how we live and what we want. In this vein, I'm taking the opportunity to examine the stresses and marvels of my life, to know what I'm carrying into the new year, and what I'm ready to leave behind. As for resolutions? I've made the same one every year for the past few years. To have an epic and wonderful and memorable moment of my life every month. To that, this year, I'd like to add: making more art.

Also, thank you world for the blue moon. It was perfect for the occasion. So round and glorious.

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