Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 89: Pretending it is tuesday

With all this graduate school researching and artist statement writing, I've been looking at a lot of new and exciting artists. Hard to pick one for the week, but as I suppose I'll be doing this for all of my foreseeable future, no pressure.

Amy Sillman! I chose you!
As I've been reading about different programs and getting exited about the idea of interdisciplinary ones that don't label the artist as a painter or sculptor or what have you, I've also become interested in artists that are labeled thusly.

Amy Sillman is clearly a painter, and a magnificent one at that. Her abstracted forms are descriptions of paint, the laying down of paint the mixing of paint, the textures and colors. All exquisitely contrasted.

I say abstracted forms because I wouldn't quite call her an abstract artist. You can't quite help picking out structures and objects in her work, like coded text. Weather or not you can identify them truly doesn't matter, the paint is what is important.

Another exciting thing about this Sillman character, the one I introduced as "clearly a painter" is the number of different careers she had before arriving at art, including a Japanese translator at the UN!

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