Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 97: gearing up

Just over a day left till december's 12 paintings in 12 hours (saturday the 19th). This time is extra exciting, not just because dear friend and frequent collaborator Annie Blazejack will be joining me in the effort, but because we are selling our creations to help out MHOP (Mali Health Organizing Project).

It is super exciting, we've pre-sold 9 works so far, but there are still 15 left. If you're debating weather or not you want one, you should know that Annie and I are so excited about this, and we are going to make some really really good art this saturday. If you're still worried about putting the money down before you've seen the work, check this blog every hour, we'll be posting them as we go, and you can buy them then too.

These paintings/ drawings/ collages would make great holiday gifts, and if pre-purchased, can arrive by christmas if you celebrate it. They are selling for $200 each, half of the proceeds going to MHOP and half covering overhead and shipping. They can be purchased at the upper right hand portion of this page.

In other news, I've been watching videos of butterflies coming out of their cocoons. A really breathtaking sight, and something I'd like to witness in person someday. I'm doing some drawings of them too. The rows of cocoons are really beautiful.
They look something like ornaments, and sometimes they even seem to glow. As the caterpillar becomes more and more butterfly, you can see the shapes of it wings through the membrane of the cocoon.

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