Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 90: Can't Stop Me Now

All this work on applications and setting up the MHOP (Mali Health Organizing Program) stuff has been important, but I hereby reserve tomorrow for art making. That is, after all, why I decided to become an artist.

For updates on the MHOP fundraiser, you may notice the new side bar cart, you can buy Any of my and Annie's 12 paintings in 12 hours there, and half the proceeds will be donated to MHOP. If you want to read their publication of the event, click here.

Here are some drawings of what i've been thinking about. They feature my niece's first real christmas (last time she was too young to know what, if anything, was going on). They come from this idea that the sensation and thought of christmas can often be more powerful than the experience. The mythology of christmas. I do love mythology.
To art!

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