Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 88: Some Very Exciting News

The dynamic duo returns! I will be collaborating with magnificent artist Annie Blazejack to raise money for MHOP (Mali Health Organizing Project)! Click for link.

(Image from previous collaboration with Annie Blazejack)

Annie Blazejack and I will be teaming up for this months 12 paintings in 12 hours project. On December 19th, from 10am - 10pm, we will each make a painting an hour. Each time slot will be pre-sold, and the person buying that hour will get the painting made in that hour. Half of the money raised will be sent to MHOP to help kids stay healthy and malaria free (among other important things). These paintings will be shipped for free within the US, and should arrive before christmas for those who celebrate it. They will make great gifts for any loved ones plus it will be a big help to MHOP.

I'll keep posting details on my blog as they arise.

In other news, New Artist Tuesday is postponed until tomorrow due to applications and artist statements. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. When you get details ... how to sign up for an hour... send out an email that we can forward, OK?

    This is such a great idea. It reminds me of something Andrea was describing at your parents' house: A group of artists would let you pay for whatever painting comes off the "roll" next. This allows people to buy paintings without having to make a choice among the 1,000s of things they might see. We all want a painting, but when we can't decide which one, we walk away with nothing. (Or maybe it's just the prices that prevent us from writing that check.)

    -- Suzanne Levinson