Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 84: Time for Reflection

I'm packing up, getting ready to head back to providence tomorrow morning, and I've got to say there are quite a few things I am going to miss. Aside from warm weather, Miami has been abundant in art. During Art Basel, lots of other art shows sprout up taking advantage of the scene. Today we visited Art Asia and Pulse. The take home message (aside from seeing some really really amazing art) is that I think I'm going to start playing with gold leaf. It is really exquisite.

I also got a crit from family friend and amazing artist Biff Elrod (click on his name to see his work). He gave me a lot of insight, and things to think about. It's always wonderful to get some feedback, and he's pretty insightful.

The final excitement of the night was attending my father's opening (his second this week). YesRandal Levenson's photographs are back in a big way. If you click on his name, make sure to check out his recent work!

Well, that is the plug for the night. I'm looking forward to getting back to providence and sorting out all these new ideas. In other exciting news, I'm looking at grad school applications!

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