Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 82: New artist tuesdays

Yes, t is wednesday, well technically, 2am thursday, but I would hate to miss my new artist day. For the next hour or so I officially declare it to be tuesday, and this to be a new artist tuesday post.

Before that official matter of business, however, I would like to take a moment to revel in Art Basel. The opening was tonight, and all I've got to say is "Yay!". In general, I was most impressed by the photographs and sculptural works, though there were definitely some noteworthy paintings too.

Which was the top most spectacular work of art? A drawing by Matisse. A portrait of a woman's face. Absolutely stunning. I'm rather familiar with and a fan of his paintings, but I've got to say, his drawings are out of this world. Alas, he cannot be my new artist of the day, not being new to me and all.

So who will be my new artist? Going once, going twice, sold! To Milton Avery! A lot of people have been saying his name to me recently, so I figured it was worth a look. Turns out it was more than worth it. Wow. Especially with my recent collages, I feel a pretty strong connection to him, and I absolutely love his sense of color. He mixes some stellar palettes.

Look, he even painted birds!

I'm most impressed with how it seems that he deftly denied the devision of art into figurative and abstract, somehow making paintings that were neither and both and so much more. In the early going, he had to work really hard to support his artistic drive. A moment of respect for mr Avery. I like him.

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