Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 101:

I have just arrived back in Miami for the holidays. Surprisingly cold weather (60 degrees) awaited me, made me think of the warmth of providence I had just left under 14 inches of snow. Well, I'm planing to take it easy until christmas, a hard earned break, but I wanted to make it easy for you last minute shoppers to know which paintings are still up for grabs. There are 14 of them left.

Geddes Hour 3 --------------------------------Annie Hour 8

Geddes Hour 4 --------------------------------Annie Hour 4

Geddes Hour 6 --------------------------------Annie Hour 6

Geddes Hour 7 --------------------------------Annie Hour 7

Geddes Hour 9 --------------------------------Annie Hour 9

Geddes Hour 10 --------------------------------Annie Hour 10

Geddes Hour 11 --------------------------------Annie Hour 11

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