Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 74: Learn a New Artist Tuesdays

A decision, rather, a declaration. Announcing "Learn a New Artist Tuesdays". Okay, so not the most eloquent name, but I'll work on it. The idea though, has me plenty excited. From now on, I will research a new artist every week, and post about them on tuesday. A good way to learn some more art history, and share the wealth.

First ever Learn a New Artist artist:
Tamara de Lempicka (suggested by the woman curating my dad's show):

I started out with a google image search, her work is so compelling, beautiful, powerful.

Her work mainly features the female figure, with powerful tones and colors. There is often a slightly cubist aesthetic to her paintings, sometimes more subtle than others. A brilliant insight she had about cubism, she saw it as the destruction of something, which certainly informs the dark quality of her paintings with their rich tones.

Though she was a baroness, her life is hardly what one would expect. She collaborated with many big name artists, and had many many lovers (male and female). What ever failure she might have experienced as a mother and wife, her art was extremely successful. Check her out for sure.

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