Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 70: Daunted? Me? Never.

I forgot to mention about last night's post that that was the final page in my sketch book. Generally starting a new sketchbook is agonizing procrastination, and I will go for weeks denying that I am daunted before finally making that first mark on that first pristine white page. Well, it is with great pride and satisfaction that I bring to you, just the day after the completion of my last sketch book, the first page to my new one!

Back! Back timidity! I even made a sketch for the painting that will eventually (no, make that soon) be that large white masonite board I posted a few days ago.

Most exciting of all is to finally have many projects going at once. This is how it should be, the simultaneous development of many ideas at many stages. Yes, this is it, this is how it should be. Am I daunted? No! Never!

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