Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 54: Swans, and Spiders, and Hearts! Oh my!

Other than making some very very delicious ice-cream with my housemate Joey, it was a day spent hard at work. I've been looking for and analyzing poems (yes I am very much open to any poem suggestions) for the past few days,

and I've been a little anxious about how I'm going to make art about any of them. There are two ways that I can see it going horribly wrong.

In way 1 I try to stay completely faithful to the poem, working to display every aspect of it as literally as I can until the painting becomes no more than a muddled trite reflection of a shadow of the original poem.

In way 2 I abstractify the poem, mostly ignoring the original ideas to focus on the idea of how the poem is composed, and thus make a jumbled meaningless mess that doesn't even reflect a shadow of the poem.

So while I sort out my anxieties, I'm hatching a plan and mulling things over. I've decided I will do a 12 paintings in 12 hours deal at least once a month, so now that it is november, I've got that in my near future. I've also decided to familiarize myself with the imagery of these poems, so I spent much of today drawing swans and spiders and human hearts. I never knew I was repulsed by spiders until I typed "spider" into google image search. The camel spider that came up... well, I'll probably have nightmares. Hearts are pretty gruesome too.

The point of this self torture is to be able to manipulate these images as freely and easily as a writer would call them into a poem, so that when I do my 12 drawings in a day, I can focus on exploring this poetry idea without having to stumble over the imagery. Here are some things to look at.

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